Lake Powell

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area


Lake Powell Shoreline & Backcountry Camping
Camping is allowed anywhere along the lake shore outside the developed areas. There is no fee. There are no facilities. Campers must have a portable toilet or toilet facilities on their vessel. The amount of camping is dependent on the lake level. On average, Lake Powell has 1960 miles of shoreline. Approximately 150 miles of this is campable at any given time. Primitive backcountry camping is permitted within the National Recreation Area away from the Lake Powell shoreline. Please bring plenty of water and pack out all trash.

Wahweap Marina Area
Wahweap has the largest campground facility on Lake Powell. Located at the Wahweap Marina, there are tent sites with trees and barbecue grills. Restrooms have running water, no showers. At the R.V. park located on the hill overlooking Wahweap Marina there are showers, laundry facilities, and a small store available. Evening programs are given by the National Park Service seasonally. Open all year. Fee is $18 per night.

Bullfrog Developed Campground
Bullfrog has a large developed campground with picnic tables, grills, centrally located bathrooms in each loop, water is available. No reservations. Approximately 78 sites. Accomodates tents, campers, small to medium length RV's. Open all year. Fee is $18 per night.

Bullfrog Primitive Camping Areas
Primitive camping at Bullfrog is normally available at Stanton Creek, Bullfrog North, and Bullfrog South. However, due to low water levels, Bullfrog North and South are closed until further notices. No facilities except for pit toilets. Fee is $6 per vehicle per night. Shoreline camping. No sites, as such, but a large vehicle-accessible shoreline area where camping is permitted. No reservations. NOTE: The roads into Stanton Creek may be very sandy and rough in places. They may not be suitable for low-clearance vehicles and/or longer trailers or RV's. Open all year.

Bullfrog RV Campground
Bullfrog has an RV campground with full hookups. Accomodates most sizes of vehicles. Approximately 24 sites. Reservations possible. Open all year. Fees vary.

Lees Ferry Campground
Lees Ferry has primitive camping, only toilets available. No hookups, no reservations. Approximately 30 sites. Fee is $10 per night. Can accomodate vehicles up to approximately 35 feet. May be full on weekends and holidays. Next available camping is about 50 miles away. Open all year.

Halls Crossing Developed Campground
Halls Crossing has has a developed campground with picnic tables, grills, centrally located bathrooms in each loop. Approximately 64 sites. Fee is $18/night. No reservations. Open all year.

Halls Crossing RV Park
Halls Crossing has an RV campground with full hookups. Accomodates most sizes of vehicles. Approximately 32 sites. Fees vary. Reservations accepted. Open all year.

Hite Marina Area
Hite has several primitive camping areas. Camping is permitted near the launch ramp, in Farley Canyon, and along the Dirty Devil near Highway 95. All these areas have toilets only. No reservations. The fee is $6 per vehicle per night. Campers camping more than 200 yards from existing toilet facilities must have a portable toilet. Camping is also available at White Canyon and Blue Notch Canyon. No facilities, no fees. Portable toilets are required. Open all year. NOTE: Due to current lake levels, the Hite Launch Ramp is CLOSED. All water-based facilities at Hite (marina, gas dock, etc.) have been removed. The land-based store and gas station are still operating.

There are also camping opportunities upriver from Lees Ferry.

For more information, visit the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area's Camping Page.