Lake Powell

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Places of Interest

While boating on Lake Powell, there are some places of particular interest worth visiting, some of which are recently exposed for the first time in years with the current lake level:

  • Cathedral in the Desert: Hiking with some scrambling and climbing is necessary.
  • Anasazi Canyon: Take the first left before the end of the canyon, go to the back and there is a waterfall. Also, Lehi double Arch is now exposed in the same location. Only small runabouts can get back into this finger.
  • 7-Mile Canyon: Wildlife viewing opportunity - flocks of chuckers (a type of bird similar to a quail) are being sited
  • Good Hope Bay: There are some new great, sandy beaches!
  • Across from Hole-in-the-Rock: There are some new great, sandy beaches!
  • Escalante River Arm: Explore back to Explorer Canyon and the Three Roof Ruins.
  • Labyrinth Canyon: Very twisty and turny, no beaches, but great for a small (less than 19) runabout, bottoms out at end.