Lake Powell

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Marinas & Boat Launch Facilities

Lake Powell has six marinas (currently, only five are open) to provide visitors with a variety of recreational opportunities.

Wahweap Marina
Wahweap Marina is the largest and in addition to the campground, there is Wahweap Lodge, one of the premiere resorts in northern Arizona. The lodge offers elegant dining in the Rainbow Room, shopping delights in the gift shops, and entertainment in the Driftwood Lounge. The marina has boat tours, boat rentals, and houseboat packages. Shuttle service is available between the marina facilities and the town of Page. Current Status of Wahweap Marina:

  • Wahweap Main Ramp Ramp is open with launching at own risk. Temporary ramp extensions comprised of sheets of boiler tubing welded together have been installed on both sides and one lane in the center of the Wahweap ramp. These extensions provide a more stable surface for launching vessels and NPS recommends launching all large vessels at these locations. Some portions of the ramp still remain asphalt/gravel, so be prepared for uneven surfaces and pot holes.
    • Extensions of the concrete ramp surface will begin at the main ramp at Wahweap after the Labor Day holiday.
    • For safety reasons, parking on the Wahweap Main Ramp is allowed on the left side only (going down) as long as it does not interfere with launching capabilities.
  • Stateline Ramp is CLOSED. The area may be used to launch kayaks and canoes.
    • Good area for day use. Parking is allowed along both sides of the ramp and provides access to nearby beaches with a short walk.
    • A courtesy dock is in place on the point on the left side of the ramp.
    • The Stateline fuel dock has been relocated to the end of the T-dock at boat rentals.
    • Stateline boat pumpout is operational and portable toilet dump station and restroom facilities are open.
  • Stateline-A Ramp: A small boat only launch facility (boats ≤24’) is open just south of the existing Stateline Ramp. Access is via the Stateline launch ramp. Three-axle trailers are prohibited from launching on this ramp and there is NO parking at this temporary ramp location. All trailers and tow vehicles must be parked at Stateline ramp or parking area after launching vessels.
    • One section of the boiler tubing sheets has been installed on this ramp.

Antelop Point Marina
As you go uplake from the dam, the next marina is Antelope Point Marina. Accessed from the Navajo Nation, Antelope Point Marina is a new marina and recreation facility on Lake Powell. Current Status of Dangling Rope Marina:

  • The Antelope Point public launch ramp is closed. Water access for launching of kayaks and canoes is allowed.
  • There is no courtesy dock in place.
  • CAUTION: Construction activity and truck traffic is on-going in the area. All visitors must stay on the paved road to access the public ramp.
  • The area remains open for day use. Parking is allowed along both sides of the ramp. Valid passes purchased from other Glen Canyon NRA fee stations will be honored.

Dangling Rope Marina
The next marina uplake is Dangling Rope. Accessed only by boat, this unique marina has a free floating gas dock, ranger station, and store. Originally located in Forbidding Canyon near Rainbow Bridge, it was towed down to Wahweap, refurbished, and towed up to Dangling Rope Canyon in the mid 1980s. This service marina provides visitors with a place to fuel boats, get ice and other supplies, or visit with a ranger. Current Status of Dangling Rope Marina: Dangling Rope Ramp is open with no advisories.

Bullfrog Marina
Bullfrog Marina is located about 90 lake miles from Glen Canyon Dam. Located here is the Defiance House Lodge, complete with the Moki dining room, and providing visitors a quiet place to get away. The staff at the lodge can help you arrange boat tours, boat rentals, or choose just the right item from the gift shop. Current Status of Bullfrog Marina:

  • Bullfrog Main Ramp is open to launch at own risk. A section of the boiler tubing sheets has been installed on the far left side of the main ramp at Bullfrog. The slope of this launch site is still very shallow and vessels need to be backed into the water for some distance prior to off-loading from the trailer. The NPS is continuing to look for ways to improve boat launching at Bullfrog.
    • The primitive dirt launch site near the main ramp is also being used for launching smaller vessels at own risk.
    • The National Park Service recommends launching all large vessels at Halls Crossing.
    • The Bullfrog pumpout is operational and has been moved to a new location near the new larger boat ramp.
    • The Lake Powell Ferry continues to launch from Hobie Cat Beach.

Halls Crossing Marina
Across the bay from Bullfrog Marina is Halls Crossing Marina with similar facilities, but no lodge. The marinas are served by the John Atlantic Burr, a 127 foot ferry boat that travels back and forth between the two. The ferry is large enough to accommodate tour busses and foot passengers and everything in between. Current Status of Halls Crossing Marina:

  • Bullfrog Main Ramp is open and has a concrete surface.
    • The marina facility has been relocated to the main channel with the exception of the fuel dock which will remain in the existing location.
    • Pumpout facilities are operational near the public launch ramp.
    • With current lake levels, the Lake Powell Ferry will continue to launch from the public boat ramp. For safety reasons you may experience short delays in launching at the Halls Crossing Ramp during times the ferry is docking.

Hite Marina
The fifth marina on the lake is Hite Marina. Very small with limited services, it is nonetheless a very important marina, providing facilities to river runners coming in from the Colorado and Green River trips, as well as those boating in the upper reaches of Lake Powell. A convenience store, campground, and ranger station are available. Current Status of Hite Marina:

  • With the current lake levels, there are no marina facilities or public launch ramp at Hite Marina. A dirt takeout area for river rafters has been developed on the west side of the river. This is a primitive road and requires 4-wheel drive to access the river. This is not a boat launching area.
  • All water-based marina facilities have been relocated to marina areas downstream.
  • For information on available land-based facilities call 435-684-2278 for operating hours. Facilities include family housekeeping units, gas station, store, and dry storage.
  • Hite Marina has a NPS ranger station and primitive camping area – however, this camping area is not accessible to the water.