Lake Powell

Glen Canyon Dam & Lake Powell

Glen Canyon Dam Fees

Glen Canyon Natural History Association provides guided tours through Glen Canyon Dam on a year-round basis. This is made possible through a cooperative agreement with the Bureau of Reclamation. These tours are available free to the public.

A small booklet describing the facility is available at the visitor center to further enhance your guided tour.

For more information on tours, please contact us at the Carl Hayden Visitor Center, (928) 608-6404, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Glen Canyon NRA Fees

In April, 1997, Glen Canyon started collecting entrance and recreation fees. This was authorized by the Omnibus Bill of 1996, to provide additional funds for National Park units. In recent years, park budgets have failed to keep pace with increasing visitation and the demands for services that higher visitation creates. Glen Canyon is no exception. Since the nation is now gearing to balance the federal budget, it is unlikely that park budgets will increase in the years ahead. The benefits to our park will be that all visitors will be able to enjoy Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and a clean Lake Powell for many generations to come. One of the beneficial aspects about this particular program is that Glen Canyon will be able to keep 80% of the fees collected within the park, as compared to only 15% in the traditional fee program. The retained funds will enable Glen Canyon NRA to focus on improving Lake Powell water quality through additional boat pumpout and portable toilet dump stations, water quality monitoring, and increased educational outreach.

When? Where?
In April 1997, entrance and recreation fees started being collected at Wahweap South, Wahweap North, and Lone Rock entrances to the park. There are also camping fees collected at Lone Rock. In addition to these, starting in 1998, entrance and recreation fees will be collected at Bullfrog, Halls Crossing, Hite, and Lees Ferry.

How Much?
Your Golden Age or Golden Access Passports provide 50% off of boat launching and camping fees. Golden Eagle passes will allow unlimited access, but not offer discounts on recreation or use fees. Stays are limited to 14 consecutive days and 30 calendar days per year. Golden Age and Golden Eagle passes may be purchased at fee stations.

Fee Increases for 2005
Effective January 1, 2005, weekly and annual boating fees at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (NRA) will increase. Weekly fees will increase from $10 to $16 and each additional boat fee will increase from $4 to $8. The annual boat fee, good for a calendar year, will increase from $20 to $30/vessel. Camping fees at Lone Rock will also increase effective January 1, 2005 from $6 to $8/night.

This is the first increase in boating fees since Glen Canyon NRA began collecting fees in 1998 and applies to all vessels on Lake Powell. The increase will be implemented throughout Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, including Antelope Point Marina.

1-7 Day Vehicle Pass - $15
Admits one single, private, non-commercial vehicle and all its passengers.

1-7 Day Individual Permit - $7 per person
Admits one individual when entering on foot, bicycle, or motorcycle. Not to exceed $15 vehicle fee. Individuals 15 years of age and younger are admitted free.

Individual Permit (organized non-profit groups) - $7 per person
ONLY applies to organized non-profit groups (service organizations, scouts, religious groups, college/school groups not qualifying for a fee waiver). Individuals 15 years of age and younger are admitted free.

Glen Canyon NRA Annual Pass - $30
Allows unlimited entry to Glen Canyon for 12 months from month of purchase.

National Parks Pass - $50
Allows unlimited entry to all NPS areas (which charge entrance fees) for 12 months from first use of the pass.

Golden Eagle Hologram - $15
An upgrade to the National Parks Pass which allows unlimited entry to all federal fee areas (where entrance fees are charged). Expires at the same time as the NPP to which it is affixed.

Golden Age Passport - $10
A lifetime passport for all federal fee areas (where an entrance fee is charged). Issued to citizens or permanent residents of the United States who are age 62 and over. Proof of age and residency is required. Pass must be obtained in person.

Golden Access Passport - FREE
Issued to citizens or permanent residents of the United States who have a permanent disability. The passport is a lifetime entrance pass to all federal fee areas (where an entrance fee is charged). Pass must be obtained in person. Age of individual is not a determining factor.

Commercial Tour Fees
Fees are assessed based on the passenger capacity of the vehicle.

  • Sedan 1-6 people $25 + $5 pp
  • Van/Bus 7-25 people $40
  • Motor Coach 26+ people $100


  • $30 - annual vessel permit valid from Jan 1- Dec 31 for each motorized vessel
  • $16 - valid 1-7 days for first motorized vessel
  • $8 - valid 1-7 days for each additional motorized vessel

Note: Entrance fees do not include ferry charges.