Lake Powell

Grants & Donations

Lees Ferry Restoration Project
This summer, the most extensive restoration project ever conducted at Lees Ferry Historic District was accomplished. The Lonely Dell Ranch and Lees Ferry Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is managed by the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Glen Canyon staff, with financial assistance from Glen Canyon Natural History Association, coordinated to complete invasive species removal, restoration work for an historic 2000 foot flagstone lined irrigation ditch, and stabilization of structures integral to the district.

For six weeks during the months of March and April, a Utah Conservation Corps (UCC) crew removed silt and invasive tamarisk (salt cedar), which had grown over the irrigation ditch causing damage to the flagstones and obscuring portions of this key feature. As part of the vegetative restoration, home-school children from the Page area assisted the UCC crew and Park Service staff to plant native cottonwood and willows along the ditch near the Weaver Ranch House.

Finally, during the months of April and May, a structural stabilization crew from Mesa Verde National Park came to Lees Ferry and conducted essential restoration work to structures at both the ferry and ranch sites.

The work completed this summer will assist in insuring a national treasure is preserved for the enjoyment of visitors today for future generations to come.

Lonely Dell Ranch Walking Guide
Glen Canyon Natural History Association funds and prints the Lonely Dell Ranch: A Walking Guide, a pamphlet for the self-guided walk around historic Lonely Dell Ranch at Lees Ferry.

Biological Learning Center Native Plant Greenhouse
Native plant species are now growing in the new Botanical Learning Center thanks to a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Grant supplemented with monies from the National Park Service "Parks as Classrooms" program, lots of volunteer work and support from the Page Unified School District.

For more information about this Project: Click Here

National Park Service Library Funding
Books, shelves, carts, and catalog file were purchased, and funding was provided to have a professional library consultant assist in the organization of a library at the park headquarters building. This library is used by the National Park Service, as well as being available to the community for research. This is an ongoing project to ensure our park library has current research material.

Lees Ferry Signing Project
Glen Canyon Natural History Association provided trail markers as well as staff support to get the new signage at the Lees Ferry Historic District. This new signage coincides with the newly revised Lees Ferry and Lonely Dell Ranch Walking Tour Guide, published by the Association.

Brochure and Map Printing
Developed and printed a much needed area map for visitors. German and French translations of Glen Canyon NRA and Rainbow Bridge NM park brochures were also printed. Both items are provided to park visitors free of charge. They proved to be such popular items that they recently had to be reprinted.

Since 1986, the GCNHA Staff has provided support to the National Park Service at the Carl Hayden Visitor Center, the Bullfrog Visitor Center located at Lake Powell and the Marble Canyon Interpretive Center located near Lees Ferry. We also are under contract with the Bureau of Reclamation to provide tours of the Glen Canyon Dam.

Weathering Pit Study
The Association helped fund a geological study done by Dr. Dennis Netoff of Sam Houston University to study the cause and effects of "weathering pits" found in Glen Canyon. These are a unique geological feature of Glen Canyon, and the Association was very proud to be a sponsor of this important study.